Practical. Beautiful. Tough. All rolled into one.

The primary benefit of using PondKing™ is that it holds and keeps water inside a pond. Many soil types are not suitable for holding water, and PondKing helps alleviate this problem once and for all. In fact, PondKing is a leak-tight geomembrane designed specifically for use within or on the earth.

Unlined ponds are also prone to silting problems, which often lead to murky, ugly water. And when seeds make their way into an unlined pond-via birds, wind, mowers, etc.- submerged weeds and cattails can quickly take over.

As a highly stable and inert material, PondKing helps resist microbic and algae attacks, making it easier to control and maintain a pond's ecosystem. The end result is a cleaner, healthier, more visually appealing and wildlife-friendly pond.

And remember, PondKing's 45-mil thick EPDM rubber is highly flexible yet durable and tough, making for easier installation (large roll-sizes mean faster installation) and more hard-nosed that's backed by a full 20-year membrane warranty.

PondKing Delivers:

  • A 'fish friendly' liner that is not harmful to the environment.
  • Incredible resistance to ultraviolet radiation (and other harmful environmental conditions) and waterline-weathering.
  • Excellent expansion and contraction capabilities which help prevent punctures by allowing easy adaptation to roots, rocks and other subgrade objects.
  • Ultra flexibility to more easily form to, and, fit unusual contours caused by unique subgrade conditions or associated with creatively-driven pond design.
  • High flexibility 'holding power' to allow year-round installation (or repair, if ever needed), even in extreme temperatures from -40° Fahrenheit to 175° Fahrenheit.
  • Little-to-no maintenance following complete and proper installation.
  • A 20-year membrane warranty